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ALIEN EVOLUTION STUDIO 2020 秋冬服裝延續 AES 經典的輪廓設計,融入更多的機能及軍裝元素,主題為 ”OVERREACTION (過度反應)” 是黃鴻升留給我們的美好與省思,對於遇到的事情,先不急著闡述觀點及行動,退一步沈澱、思考、發揮同理心。世界紛擾很多,但良善是可以從你我日漸蔓延開的。
但最後容我們情緒化的說一句:「 FUCK YOU 2020。」


In the age of excessive information, news from all over the place are at our fingertips with just sliding the rectangular bright screen every day. As a result of our overreaction, information on the internet reeks of emotions, incompleteness, untruth and bitterness. After the initial wave of intense reaction, we no longer care for the previous waves.
ALIEN EVOLUTION STUDIO Fall/Winter 2020 continues the classic silhouette of AES to incorporate more functional and military elements. The theme of Fall/Winter 2020 - overreaction - is thought-provoking and reflective of how Alien had seen the current times. When we encounter a matter, do take a step back to reflect and empathize, instead of rushing into giving opinions and taking rash actions. The world is a troubled place, but together we can promulgate kindness.
Still, please allow us to say emotionally: fuck you 2020